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We offer services to domestic and international customers preferring us for professional experiences we started to build up since 2008 in Istanbul. Currently, our hospital continues its activity in Antalya. With our expert staff, we work to solve the existing problems of our patients and improve their quality of life with an approach that prioritizes patient health, focuses on success and palpable results, and follows the latest technology and constantly renews itself.


Why You Choice Us?


Latest Technology DHI Pen Technique

With our vision always following and pursuing the latest technology, we use the DHI Pen technique to send off all our patients with maximum satisfaction.


Guaranteed Results

The maximum estimated hair loss rate after hair transplantation operations is 3%. We can offer all our patients the lifetime guarantee that they will never ever experience hair loss.


% 100 Natural Look

Using the advantages of the latest DHI technique, with a dense transplantation done in the direction of your natural hair, nobody will know you have hair transplantation.

Our Services


DHI Hair Transplantation

Thanks to DHI Hair Transplant, fast recovery, more dense and natural looking permanent hair.

DHI Beard and Moustache Transplantation

You can have the natural and permanent beard and mustache you dream of. Cornerstone is not destiny.

Hair Transplantation For Women

The definitive solution to hair loss in women with DHI Pen Technique.


DHI Etebrow Transplantaion

You can have the natural eyebrows you desire with the DHI Pencil Technique.

Hair Restıration

Incorrect hair transplants are no longer your nightmare.

Beard Hair Transplant

Do not think that my hair follicles are insufficient! It is possible to transplant hair from the beard.

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Anyone over 18 who has a hair problem due to age, hormonal and genetic disorder/condition ca have hair transplantation.

  • Hair transplant surgery consists of two stages. The first stage is the extraction of the as much hair follicles from the nape as the number of planned grafts , and the second stage is the transfer of these hair follicles to the targeted area. The latest and most common technology currently applied during the extraction stage is the “Micro Motor” technique. The most common and advanced technology used in the planting of follicles is the “DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Pen technique”.

Thequestion the hair transplantation patients most curiously ask is the duration of this procedure. The duration of the operation varies according to the patient’s openness and the number of grafts to be implanted. However, hair transplantation operations take 7-8 hours on average.

  • The maximum number of grafts that can be inserted per day with DHI technique is 4000-4250. The operation of those patients who need more than this number of grafts is spread over two days. Because hair follicles extracted from the patient can stay in the cold chain for a limited time.