Hair Transplantation For Women

Hair loss is a common problem in men, but women, too, experience the same problem from time to time. The causes of women’s hair problems may differ from men’s. Hair transplantation can produce successful results in these cases after the real cause of hair loss is determined.

Female hair transplantation is almost the same as the male hair transplantation procedure. The biggest advantage of female hair transplantation is that women have hair long. Before the hair transplantation procedure, just a window is opened in the middle part for hair extraction without a need to completely shave the scalp as different from the male hair transplantation. The remaining hair appears to have never been treated, closing the extraction area completely. Hence, women can immediately return to their social or business life.

Female hair transplantation operations are performed in the following cases:

  • The forehead is more open than usual
  • Openings caused by hair pulling or plucking in psychological conditions
  • Burnt or accidental scar openings
  • Hair openings due to hormonal disorders / imbalances
  • Stress-related hair loss
  • Openings caused by alopecia
  • Male-pattern hair loss