Beard Hair Transplant

In patients with large hair gaps, the number of follicles taken from the donor area is limited and cannot close the hair gap of the patient. In such cases, beard and chest hair, which can be used in addition to the roots taken from the patient’s hair, are life-saving.

Especially in patients with dense beard area, the number of grafts taken can be up to 3000. The area from the bottom of the jawbone to the neck is used as the intake area.

The fact that the beard roots are thicker than the hair follicles provides a great advantage for concealment. Since the structure of the beard roots is thicker than the hair follicles, beard roots are never used on the front line to provide a natural appearance. Instead, a natural look is created by planting it between the hair.

Chest hair is always the 3rd choice. The fact that the chest hair does not grow much and due to its structure, its harmony with the hair follicles is slightly different from the beard roots. However, it is definitely recommended to be used as the 3rd choice in patients with insufficient hair donor area. Two chest hairs provide as much fullness as a beard hair.