The Latest Technology in Hair Transplantation

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is the latest and most popular technique of hair transplantation. Follicles / grafts taken from the donor area with “Micro Motor” are put into special pens called “Implanter Pen” 0.6 – 0.8 mm in diameter and these pens directly transfer the hair follicle under the skin. Therefore, it eliminates the need for scalp sutures or incisions.

This latest technique increases the number of follicles to be planted per cm2, prevents skin damage, and reduces bleeding to a minimum since no surgery incision is opened in the implant area (e.g. channel technique). Skin damage and minimal bleeding speed up the healing process to a significant extent.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is the reduction of the time the extracted hair follicle/grafts stay out, allowing them to remain healthier and stronger. In DHI technique, there is no need to shave all the hair before transplantation. Just shaving the donor area is enough. 

Natural appearancePossibleAbsolutely
Donor area healing process7 days7 days
Surgery scar in the donor areaNoneNone
Transplant area healing time5 days2 days
Transplant area necrosis riskLowNone
Incision mark in the transplant areaNoticeableUnnoticeable
Transplant intensity60 follicles / cm2100-120 follicles / cm2
ScabbingA lotVery little
Possibility of transplantation in scalpDoableUndoable
Maximum follicle count for single session6000 follicles4000-4250 follicles